Club Marketing

  • • Which advertising mediums do you feel is the most effective for your unique business concept?
  • • Do you have a professional web development and or marketing team.
  • • Do you have professional ad development personnel to ensure your message is conducive to your club and customer base.
  • • Are your ad reps stupid? Do they try to shower you with gimmicks and toys instead of trying to get the message you want out in the market effectively?
  • • Do you like the way your commercials sound? Do your commercials do their job? Do they effectively communicate your message? Do they accurately depict your business image and concept?
  • • Does your business need a new identity?

We find that, in most cases (NOT ALL CASES) that ad reps are some of the most un-professional and blood-thirsty of the people we get to deal with in this industry. Some hot chick in high heals wants your ad dollars for her radio station(s). She says she's going to write your commercial too, (but she is still working on her GED and last week she got fired from Macy's.) Then some Station DJ, who doesn't know anything about your concept is going to cut your spot … What's the chance of all of those events working out in your best interest?

Our consultants will oversee any and every part of the adverting process for our clients! Make the most of your ad dollars!!!!

We are available to:

  • • Help steer you down the right road with a short phone conversation, or work a few days in your strip club alongside you, or maintain a long term participation with your business.
  • • Design proper online presence that not only looks good but is strategically positioned to be seen by a targeted audience.
  • • Develop sophisticated tracking mechanisms designed to maximize return.
  • • Print ad development, placement and message analysis
  • • We have extensive experience managing large promotional street crews in high traffic city areas.
  • • We have extensive experience producing radio and television spots as well as buying discount air time on your behalf.
  • • Help you develop a strategy to effectively monitor you ROI
  • • Help you teach your entire staff how to SELL.
  • • Help you design and write your policies, procedures and duty lists.
  • • Review plans and equipment specs. We may not have to be onsite to do this. We can help you make better decisions or back up the decisions you already made.
  • • Assist the entrepreneur who wants to open a bar with the money he/she just came into. We'll do everything we can to show the person what to do and, more importantly, what not do, so the business will still be in operation for years to come.
  • • Help you with all marketing purchases to help you get the most bang for your buck.
  • • Make sure your sound and light installations are completed correctly. Some vendors do sloppy, "under-installs." But quite often they'll "over-install" too. We believe you should only order and pay for what you really need. NOT super-fancy, high cost fluff that would be a waste of your money and easy extra profit for the vendor.
  • • Act as a mentor to any club owner in any phase of their career or strip club development.
  • • Supply interim emergency management or supervision in the event that the principal / owner is not available due to personal, business or health issues. We could advise or install on-sight managers to help insure the asset is protected.
  • • Assist after all natural and manmade disasters. We can act as your advocate with vendors, creditors, associates, employees and entertainment. We can help you develop and manage an action plan to bring your valuable strip club online.
  • • Help you reconfigure your club so if flows better, and produces more sales.
  • • Help when you're completely confused on where to put your advertising dollars.
  • • Help if you are considering investing in or purchasing a strip club, restaurant or bar and need some professional, impartial advice.
  • • Help set up an accounting and or inventory systems up for you. The tighter those systems are and the more real time data input there is, the more control you will have. The result will be a smaller window of opportunity for theft by any level of employee or partner.